The Watermelon and the Hidden Veil.

The watermelon and the hidden veil.

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If there is one thing in life that I am good at, its being metaphorical.
So here is my Metaphor, “People like watermelons have a hidden veil.”

How often in life do we throw things away not realizing how much potential they have to offer??

How often do we scrape the surface of peoples lives, without really getting to see them for who they are without their veil on.

Take this watermelon for example, I took it out of the fridge, unwrapped the plastic, took a knife and sliced right through the bottom of it leaving only the skin to bare. Then I took a look at it and realized there’s more to uncover here, there’s deeper potential for this watermelon. I started thinking of the possible ideas I could do with this, It was like a whole new world lies deep within the skin that usually I would have just tossed away. So I grabbed a fork and began to scrape, as I did something amazing happened, the watermelon began to flow unleashing all the power within and showing me what was hidden in the outter layering. Soon I had a whole cup full of watermelon juice! Just from seeing what else was under the surface of this thick skin.

People are like watermelons, you all think you need to see deep inside someone to really get to know them, when really its the outter layers that need shaking up. The mask that hides the insecurities, is like a Shield that protects us from prey, protects us from the people who just want to use us, abuse us. We become the person they want us to be without giving second thought that its a way of protecting the very thing that makes us who we are. So next time you want to throw something away, look for that mask that covers the insides and break through it, see what potential it has when unleashed.

People will only show you what they want you to see, you may think you know someone deep down like the red juicy watermelon that was inside but really, they let you into a part of them by bypassing the skin where the most important part of them lies. Doing this gives them the ability to let you in without really challenging you to find what’s under the hidden veil.

A brave face, a shy smile, a fake laugh. Its all because there’s more than meets the eye, Keep digging!!!

In our Love, mind, soul, body, & spirit, we all have a part of us hidden from the world.

If you truly want to understand who someone is, its the veil you need to uncover not the parts inside, that’s the easy bit to show.

Look how much I got just scraping the skin bit by bit, a whole cup full and that was only from half! Imagine how much we could uncover if we really stopped and took the time to help people unleash their hidden power and not be afraid to show the world who they really are in fear of getting hurt or being judged.

Hope you enjoyed the read.

Much love đź’™

Lee inspired. Xx


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I want you to think about this question…

What does it mean to be number 1?

Does it mean we are the greatest in the world?

The absolute best?

We can do no wrong?

The answer is no.

Being number 1 in someone elses eyes simply means they look up to you for guidance and support. Being number 1 in your own eyes, simply means you have learnt to value yourself enough to put yourself first.

Take kids for example, usually their mum is their number 1 until they get to a certain age, where their priorities change and they start chasing something…. They lose sight of you being number 1? So why does this happen?

Well, what we need to teach children is that they themselves need to be number 1, in fact everyone in the world should see themselves as number 1, but… Number 1 is a lonely number and it can not survive this world without a mate. There is no point being selfish and only thinking about yourself,  so we let someone else share in our number 1 and then in turn 1+1 = 2 .

Now, if we teach children they are number 1, they will either completely misunderstand what you are trying to say and will think they are the greatest human being on earth. Or …. They will value themselves. They will honor themselves and they will make decisions on account of putting themselves first.

Now, you need to teach children that the world doesn’t just revolve around them, but many other people too, in fact they are 1 in 7 billion people in the world and being considerate of these people is what makes us good person.

Being your child’s number one until they can learn how to put themselves  number 1 is a big responsibility and holds extreamely high expectations. We can try to live up to these expectations but sometimes, we make mistakes and we disappoint those we love. This is sometimes where children fall of the hero wagon, their mum isn’t superwoman? Dad isn’t superman? NO WAY!

Here is where we can teach our children about the meaning of love, forgiveness and how the words ”I’m sorry” can change everything. Simply saying I’m sorry to our kids when they have been disheartened by us will go a long way. I forgive you also goes a long way. Forgiveness is mandatory when you want peace and love to unite. Teaching our children about love forgiveness and peace from an early age can help them heal themselves of any anger they may have in their childhood.

Too often we see adults still trapped in the anger they preserved as children simply because they can not forgive, you should always forgive, but never forget what you learnt. For every little thing we encounter in life is here to teach us something, good and bad, these lessons we take from lifes experiences will always be used at a later date. Mistakes are simply made from experiementing with the wrong experiences, but never regret anything in life. Everything happens for a reason. So letting go of anger can really benefit a childs adulthoood and learning to forgive can heal and bring peace to their lives.

When we let anger, fear, resentment and distrust control us, we are giving the power to be number 1 in our lives to someone else. We are letting hate rule our lives and not letting love win.

Love and peace can heal. Hate can only condem and destroy.


What is YOUR plan?

Everything happens for a reason, every person you meet, every thought you think, every step you make, are all leading to a greater plan. But, it’s not gods plan, it’s not your parents plan, its not your best friends plan.

It’s YOUR plan! and only YOU can make it happen.

Don’t let people tell you how to live your life. Do not follow someone else’s footsteps when you already have your own path mapped out. Do what makes you happy and love what you do, Life isn’t about perfection, it’s about creating moments that make your life perfect for you.

So…do what you want to do, be who you want to be and dream whatever the hell YOU want to dream, Because no one can stop you unless you allow them to.

Love always lee ❤


Education System Failure

This man knows what he’s talking about, something has got to change!


I just read an article, bringing to light why the children of today are ‘unhappy’. In this particular article, they mentioned of older generations forcing expectations far greater than the economy could allow. Thus forcing new generations to question their own perception of success and when not meeting these standards falling into a depression of belief they have failed! My views for this are as follows:

For years there has been a system that every generation has had to engage in. This system consists of being forced into submission to attend school for 12 years of our lives. In those 12 years, children are not taught any thing that prepares them for the struggles of the ‘real world’. They are not taught to think for Themselves or search for new concepts of life. Today’s children are still to this day, taught the same views as generations before them were taught. Sure, they implement the workings of technology and new science into the curriculum. However they do not teach of broadening views of life to allow them to achieve their highest potential. School Children are forced into boxes, in school you have a limit on how good you are, how educated you are. English, Math, Science, PE, and Art, These categories ultimately define who these kids believe themselves to be and the limits one puts on himself.

Lets think for a second…..

What is one to think if he is no good at any of these subjects?

”He is a failure, dumb, a waste of space, why does he even go to school.”

lets think again…

We are told we can further educate ourselves after school, we can go to university. Firstly though you must get through a test, to achieve this, you must be ‘smart’.

This kid, who now has a full description of who he is as a person has ruled this out of his life altogether. By now he feels he is unworthy of such high education and he wouldn’t get in, so why bother trying.

Kids of today rule out disappointment in their lives. They aim for things in society they know they are good at. They are good at being failures, they are good at feeling lost, stealing, getting into trouble. why try? what is trying going to get them, disappointment and more judgement? ”yeah no thanks”

You see just like babies need nurturing to grow into young children, youth need to be nurtured in order to survive as adults. For some reason, as children start to get older, their needs are forgotten about, as now they are independent and can look after themselves. This I believe is the root of the problem, as from the ages of around 10-16 is when they believe everything they hear and remember everything they don’t hear.

This is the time they need to have positive re-reinforcements around them. They need to be appreciated and heard, they need help when they are struggling, love when they feel alone. Their experiences in these ages is how they will view adults from this time onward. Until something changes in our education system, we will have kids disbelieving in themselves and turning to violence and crime as an outcry for their angst. They will not respect adults, I have no idea why people blame kids for their behavior these days when our government, education system and society as a whole creates this ongoing problem.

Children need to be encouraged to follow what their passions are from a young age, by showing you believe in them, this creates a whole new level of trust between generations. Showing a child you believe in them allows them to feel loved for who they are and gives them the impression they can achieve anything they put their mind to. They need role models and someone they can aspire to be. If you are kind to them, they will want to be kind back and maybe even share that kindness to others.

Can you see the difference?

The difference between encouragement and judgement?

The difference between nurturing a child and destroying one?

I often see parents wondering why their child has disengaged from their lives, why they spend their time locked in their rooms, why they would rather talk to strangers on the internet than their own family. Why at 18 they want to break free and forget you exist.


Because you didn’t believe in them, You didn’t show them unconditional love, You weren’t there to nurture them into happy healthy adults. They were forgotten and they felt alone.

So where were you?

To every parent, every adult and every teacher alive today.


Listen to them

Love them

Hear them

See them

speak to them

believe in them

and never


❤ Lee


How many times have you seen children struggling in school, struggling to understand the ridiculous curriculum put before them. Struggling to find a place where any of this matters to them? They feel tired and drained, from listening to nonsense babble from the teacher standing with some sort of authority in the front of the classroom. Who is probably just as confused by the text he is reading aloud, in a emotionless voice of boredom.

Sooner or later these students lose focus, lose passion for life, feel trapped inside a social structure that is doing nothing for them. These kids start to wonder if anything will interest them in the world. They are taught about governments from 100 years ago, history that is not relevant for today’s world. Math they will never need to use, equations they will never understand. Stuck inside a classroom day in day out wasting their time and wasting their real intelligence, they have not yet had a chance to explore.

So in time, they give up, they figure they can put their time to better use. They will go out and get a job or study. I mean after all isn’t that what we all do after school anyway? So they go to the school office and request a sign out form, In order for this to be legalised they need their current teachers to sign off on their request to leave this dreadful school. they go to each class, being the mockery of the room, seeing the dissapointment in everyones eyes, but this is what they need to do for themselves.

After they leave they find themselves lost, they job search with no response heard back, they look up courses, only to realise that they have to wait til next intake to apply and then have to take a test to show how intelligent they are. Oh dear!, They become stuck in a rut, they lose motivation for life, they sleep in day after day, and realise how isolated and depressed they are becoming. all this to escape ”school life” but they don’t regret it, they know something else is out there, they search for hope, inspiration, something, anything!

They stumble across a website. A place in the suburbs called a Recreational Healing Centre for Youth. They see that this place offers an alternative learning programme to a normal school curriculum. They have a number of Programes available, but he does not yet know what he wants to do with his life. he sees they have the option for boarding school but thinks of course that would cost thousands! a poor kid like me couldn’t afford to go somewhere like this. he continues searching. he see’s they have a life therapy and healing centre. ”this cant be so bad” he picks up the phone and dials the number. a lady answers.. ”welcome to our recreational healing centre, how may I assist you today?” she tells him that this place is for young adolescents much like himself to come and embrace life in a new light. learn what you want to learn and be who you want to be. if you dont yet have any clue we are here to help you find that out too. ”strewth” he exclaims! this place seems too good to be true! I must go check it out.

Imagine…. Just imagine

This Ladybeetles & Gentlegiants is MY DREAM!

My dream I am going to make come true. you just sit back and watch me! 🙂

❤ Lee

Lee Inspired

I am going to start a web page, it will be known as my place of inspiration, my journey, my right to free speech. I will post my thoughts on there and people can follow them, enjoy them and hopefully they will inspire and teach people a new perspective of life. The life I’ve seen, the life I’ve built for myself. I may not have everything, but I have my mind. And I have a voice. I am going to use it and I will be a success, I promise.

I want to be able to reach people all over the world, and inspire them the way others have inspired me and most of all to teach them to believe in themselves. I want them to relate to my posts and find clarity in my words. I want them to feel apart of a greater purpose in life and to know that someone else understands what they are going through. My goal is too inspire so that when I am gone from this world my legacy lives on. I want to reunite people and teach them to listen to their hearts. Listen to their thoughts and help one another. Because everybody is struggling, everybody wants to be heard. Some just don’t know where to begin, some don’t know a better life, some are trapped in a world they feel they will never escape. But I just want to show these people that there is life outside of abuse, there is life outside of being treated like you don’t matter,  there is purpose, and there is hope for those struggling just to survive. I want to be able to help someone achieve their dreams and let go of the weight holding them down. In return I don’t want money, that is not what drives me, I am driven by satisfaction, I am driven by passion all I wish for is to teach someone else how to take control of the wheel and move forward to reach their ultimate dreams.

So to all those kids struggling, all the ones trapped in lives they didn’t sign up for, the abandoned ones, the unappreciated ones, the ones who contemplate suicide every single day.

You are the ones I do this for.

I thank you for being my inspiration and I promise my life’s work is too help you believe you are worthy of happiness and peace.

Love always

~Lee~ ❤

The Light Bulb Moment

Last night I was feeling empty, wondering what purpose I have, like many others there was a male on my mind, and a realisation that I needed to give up my chase for him as he was not returning the love. I started thinking, what am I, if I don’t have someone to love? someone to think about… someone to spend my time dreaming of, WHAT AM I?

It was at that moment, I realised I am, whatever I want to be, I am whoever, I want to be. I do not need a man in my life to prove to myself that I am somebody. This whole disaster was just an illusion I had made up in my head anyway.

So it began my search for inspiration, I searched google for hours, I racked my brain searching for the right word to explain the emptiness I was feeling inside me. In times of need I often look up google images for quotes and inspiration. They get me through the tough times, they give me the ability to see in new light. At that very moment I decided I wanted to be somebody. I wanted to be on this page, The person that inspired a young girl, searching for something to get her through the day. I wanted to be heard.

I have a passion you see, a passion for helping people, inspiring people to feel better than they do at this very moment. I have a gift of being able to empathize with other human beings when they are at their breaking points, in their most vulnerable states just praying someone would understand the way they feel. I feel that pain and I know that pain well. My lifes work is to inspire another human being to live their life being who they want to be, without limits and expectations. Inspiring them to unlock their true passions and life’s dreams and to make them see they are worthy of their dreams coming true.

keep on keeping on. with love in your heart, peace in your mind and strength in your body.

Lee inspired

~Lee~ ❤