Lee Inspired

I am going to start a web page, it will be known as my place of inspiration, my journey, my right to free speech. I will post my thoughts on there and people can follow them, enjoy them and hopefully they will inspire and teach people a new perspective of life. The life I’ve seen, the life I’ve built for myself. I may not have everything, but I have my mind. And I have a voice. I am going to use it and I will be a success, I promise.

I want to be able to reach people all over the world, and inspire them the way others have inspired me and most of all to teach them to believe in themselves. I want them to relate to my posts and find clarity in my words. I want them to feel apart of a greater purpose in life and to know that someone else understands what they are going through. My goal is too inspire so that when I am gone from this world my legacy lives on. I want to reunite people and teach them to listen to their hearts. Listen to their thoughts and help one another. Because everybody is struggling, everybody wants to be heard. Some just don’t know where to begin, some don’t know a better life, some are trapped in a world they feel they will never escape. But I just want to show these people that there is life outside of abuse, there is life outside of being treated like you don’t matter,  there is purpose, and there is hope for those struggling just to survive. I want to be able to help someone achieve their dreams and let go of the weight holding them down. In return I don’t want money, that is not what drives me, I am driven by satisfaction, I am driven by passion all I wish for is to teach someone else how to take control of the wheel and move forward to reach their ultimate dreams.

So to all those kids struggling, all the ones trapped in lives they didn’t sign up for, the abandoned ones, the unappreciated ones, the ones who contemplate suicide every single day.

You are the ones I do this for.

I thank you for being my inspiration and I promise my life’s work is too help you believe you are worthy of happiness and peace.

Love always

~Lee~ ❤


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