The Light Bulb Moment

Last night I was feeling empty, wondering what purpose I have, like many others there was a male on my mind, and a realisation that I needed to give up my chase for him as he was not returning the love. I started thinking, what am I, if I don’t have someone to love? someone to think about… someone to spend my time dreaming of, WHAT AM I?

It was at that moment, I realised I am, whatever I want to be, I am whoever, I want to be. I do not need a man in my life to prove to myself that I am somebody. This whole disaster was just an illusion I had made up in my head anyway.

So it began my search for inspiration, I searched google for hours, I racked my brain searching for the right word to explain the emptiness I was feeling inside me. In times of need I often look up google images for quotes and inspiration. They get me through the tough times, they give me the ability to see in new light. At that very moment I decided I wanted to be somebody. I wanted to be on this page, The person that inspired a young girl, searching for something to get her through the day. I wanted to be heard.

I have a passion you see, a passion for helping people, inspiring people to feel better than they do at this very moment. I have a gift of being able to empathize with other human beings when they are at their breaking points, in their most vulnerable states just praying someone would understand the way they feel. I feel that pain and I know that pain well. My lifes work is to inspire another human being to live their life being who they want to be, without limits and expectations. Inspiring them to unlock their true passions and life’s dreams and to make them see they are worthy of their dreams coming true.

keep on keeping on. with love in your heart, peace in your mind and strength in your body.

Lee inspired

~Lee~ ❤


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