How many times have you seen children struggling in school, struggling to understand the ridiculous curriculum put before them. Struggling to find a place where any of this matters to them? They feel tired and drained, from listening to nonsense babble from the teacher standing with some sort of authority in the front of the classroom. Who is probably just as confused by the text he is reading aloud, in a emotionless voice of boredom.

Sooner or later these students lose focus, lose passion for life, feel trapped inside a social structure that is doing nothing for them. These kids start to wonder if anything will interest them in the world. They are taught about governments from 100 years ago, history that is not relevant for today’s world. Math they will never need to use, equations they will never understand. Stuck inside a classroom day in day out wasting their time and wasting their real intelligence, they have not yet had a chance to explore.

So in time, they give up, they figure they can put their time to better use. They will go out and get a job or study. I mean after all isn’t that what we all do after school anyway? So they go to the school office and request a sign out form, In order for this to be legalised they need their current teachers to sign off on their request to leave this dreadful school. they go to each class, being the mockery of the room, seeing the dissapointment in everyones eyes, but this is what they need to do for themselves.

After they leave they find themselves lost, they job search with no response heard back, they look up courses, only to realise that they have to wait til next intake to apply and then have to take a test to show how intelligent they are. Oh dear!, They become stuck in a rut, they lose motivation for life, they sleep in day after day, and realise how isolated and depressed they are becoming. all this to escape ”school life” but they don’t regret it, they know something else is out there, they search for hope, inspiration, something, anything!

They stumble across a website. A place in the suburbs called a Recreational Healing Centre for Youth. They see that this place offers an alternative learning programme to a normal school curriculum. They have a number of Programes available, but he does not yet know what he wants to do with his life. he sees they have the option for boarding school but thinks of course that would cost thousands! a poor kid like me couldn’t afford to go somewhere like this. he continues searching. he see’s they have a life therapy and healing centre. ”this cant be so bad” he picks up the phone and dials the number. a lady answers.. ”welcome to our recreational healing centre, how may I assist you today?” she tells him that this place is for young adolescents much like himself to come and embrace life in a new light. learn what you want to learn and be who you want to be. if you dont yet have any clue we are here to help you find that out too. ”strewth” he exclaims! this place seems too good to be true! I must go check it out.

Imagine…. Just imagine

This Ladybeetles & Gentlegiants is MY DREAM!

My dream I am going to make come true. you just sit back and watch me! 🙂

❤ Lee


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