I just read an article, bringing to light why the children of today are ‘unhappy’. In this particular article, they mentioned of older generations forcing expectations far greater than the economy could allow. Thus forcing new generations to question their own perception of success and when not meeting these standards falling into a depression of belief they have failed! My views for this are as follows:

For years there has been a system that every generation has had to engage in. This system consists of being forced into submission to attend school for 12 years of our lives. In those 12 years, children are not taught any thing that prepares them for the struggles of the ‘real world’. They are not taught to think for Themselves or search for new concepts of life. Today’s children are still to this day, taught the same views as generations before them were taught. Sure, they implement the workings of technology and new science into the curriculum. However they do not teach of broadening views of life to allow them to achieve their highest potential. School Children are forced into boxes, in school you have a limit on how good you are, how educated you are. English, Math, Science, PE, and Art, These categories ultimately define who these kids believe themselves to be and the limits one puts on himself.

Lets think for a second…..

What is one to think if he is no good at any of these subjects?

”He is a failure, dumb, a waste of space, why does he even go to school.”

lets think again…

We are told we can further educate ourselves after school, we can go to university. Firstly though you must get through a test, to achieve this, you must be ‘smart’.

This kid, who now has a full description of who he is as a person has ruled this out of his life altogether. By now he feels he is unworthy of such high education and he wouldn’t get in, so why bother trying.

Kids of today rule out disappointment in their lives. They aim for things in society they know they are good at. They are good at being failures, they are good at feeling lost, stealing, getting into trouble. why try? what is trying going to get them, disappointment and more judgement? ”yeah no thanks”

You see just like babies need nurturing to grow into young children, youth need to be nurtured in order to survive as adults. For some reason, as children start to get older, their needs are forgotten about, as now they are independent and can look after themselves. This I believe is the root of the problem, as from the ages of around 10-16 is when they believe everything they hear and remember everything they don’t hear.

This is the time they need to have positive re-reinforcements around them. They need to be appreciated and heard, they need help when they are struggling, love when they feel alone. Their experiences in these ages is how they will view adults from this time onward. Until something changes in our education system, we will have kids disbelieving in themselves and turning to violence and crime as an outcry for their angst. They will not respect adults, I have no idea why people blame kids for their behavior these days when our government, education system and society as a whole creates this ongoing problem.

Children need to be encouraged to follow what their passions are from a young age, by showing you believe in them, this creates a whole new level of trust between generations. Showing a child you believe in them allows them to feel loved for who they are and gives them the impression they can achieve anything they put their mind to. They need role models and someone they can aspire to be. If you are kind to them, they will want to be kind back and maybe even share that kindness to others.

Can you see the difference?

The difference between encouragement and judgement?

The difference between nurturing a child and destroying one?

I often see parents wondering why their child has disengaged from their lives, why they spend their time locked in their rooms, why they would rather talk to strangers on the internet than their own family. Why at 18 they want to break free and forget you exist.


Because you didn’t believe in them, You didn’t show them unconditional love, You weren’t there to nurture them into happy healthy adults. They were forgotten and they felt alone.

So where were you?

To every parent, every adult and every teacher alive today.


Listen to them

Love them

Hear them

See them

speak to them

believe in them

and never


❤ Lee


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