Feeling Frustrated!!

How do you know you have a good thing,  when you’re  too scared to recognise it as a good thing? The thought process of ” It’s going to be much less disapointment if it was bad in the first place and it didn’t work out” comes into play here.

When is the time to reach out and say I want this, I need this in my life. Have good things become so rare that we are scared of them happening? Danger is seen as bad but is the real danger that we don’t allow ourselves to take opportunity?   The real danger of not going after what we want for ourselves in fear of failure and being a disappointment? The fear of losing when we tried so hard to succeed and make it all work. The fight of having to try so hard to make something good when you know it’s not working, Just to feel like you are of value or success, Its draining, tiresome and slavery to our own lives.

We need to train our minds to let go of the F words; “Fear, failure, Fret and use the C words; Courage, commitment and community. Working together to achieve our goals, we need to stand up and not be the victims of fear and loathing. We all need to support Each-other to not be better people but to feel better about who we are and what our place is in the world. It’s a lonely life when you’re  fighting against the world and not for it.

Just a thought 😉

Hope you all find and recognize, peace, love and all the good things that enter your wonderful lives. 🙂

❤ always Lee


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