I want you to think about this question…

What does it mean to be number 1?

Does it mean we are the greatest in the world?

The absolute best?

We can do no wrong?

The answer is no.

Being number 1 in someone elses eyes simply means they look up to you for guidance and support. Being number 1 in your own eyes, simply means you have learnt to value yourself enough to put yourself first.

Take kids for example, usually their mum is their number 1 until they get to a certain age, where their priorities change and they start chasing something…. They lose sight of you being number 1? So why does this happen?

Well, what we need to teach children is that they themselves need to be number 1, in fact everyone in the world should see themselves as number 1, but… Number 1 is a lonely number and it can not survive this world without a mate. There is no point being selfish and only thinking about yourself,  so we let someone else share in our number 1 and then in turn 1+1 = 2 .

Now, if we teach children they are number 1, they will either completely misunderstand what you are trying to say and will think they are the greatest human being on earth. Or …. They will value themselves. They will honor themselves and they will make decisions on account of putting themselves first.

Now, you need to teach children that the world doesn’t just revolve around them, but many other people too, in fact they are 1 in 7 billion people in the world and being considerate of these people is what makes us good person.

Being your child’s number one until they can learn how to put themselves  number 1 is a big responsibility and holds extreamely high expectations. We can try to live up to these expectations but sometimes, we make mistakes and we disappoint those we love. This is sometimes where children fall of the hero wagon, their mum isn’t superwoman? Dad isn’t superman? NO WAY!

Here is where we can teach our children about the meaning of love, forgiveness and how the words ”I’m sorry” can change everything. Simply saying I’m sorry to our kids when they have been disheartened by us will go a long way. I forgive you also goes a long way. Forgiveness is mandatory when you want peace and love to unite. Teaching our children about love forgiveness and peace from an early age can help them heal themselves of any anger they may have in their childhood.

Too often we see adults still trapped in the anger they preserved as children simply because they can not forgive, you should always forgive, but never forget what you learnt. For every little thing we encounter in life is here to teach us something, good and bad, these lessons we take from lifes experiences will always be used at a later date. Mistakes are simply made from experiementing with the wrong experiences, but never regret anything in life. Everything happens for a reason. So letting go of anger can really benefit a childs adulthoood and learning to forgive can heal and bring peace to their lives.

When we let anger, fear, resentment and distrust control us, we are giving the power to be number 1 in our lives to someone else. We are letting hate rule our lives and not letting love win.

Love and peace can heal. Hate can only condem and destroy.


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