The Watermelon and the Hidden Veil.

The watermelon and the hidden veil.

4:12 PM

If there is one thing in life that I am good at, its being metaphorical.
So here is my Metaphor, “People like watermelons have a hidden veil.”

How often in life do we throw things away not realizing how much potential they have to offer??

How often do we scrape the surface of peoples lives, without really getting to see them for who they are without their veil on.

Take this watermelon for example, I took it out of the fridge, unwrapped the plastic, took a knife and sliced right through the bottom of it leaving only the skin to bare. Then I took a look at it and realized there’s more to uncover here, there’s deeper potential for this watermelon. I started thinking of the possible ideas I could do with this, It was like a whole new world lies deep within the skin that usually I would have just tossed away. So I grabbed a fork and began to scrape, as I did something amazing happened, the watermelon began to flow unleashing all the power within and showing me what was hidden in the outter layering. Soon I had a whole cup full of watermelon juice! Just from seeing what else was under the surface of this thick skin.

People are like watermelons, you all think you need to see deep inside someone to really get to know them, when really its the outter layers that need shaking up. The mask that hides the insecurities, is like a Shield that protects us from prey, protects us from the people who just want to use us, abuse us. We become the person they want us to be without giving second thought that its a way of protecting the very thing that makes us who we are. So next time you want to throw something away, look for that mask that covers the insides and break through it, see what potential it has when unleashed.

People will only show you what they want you to see, you may think you know someone deep down like the red juicy watermelon that was inside but really, they let you into a part of them by bypassing the skin where the most important part of them lies. Doing this gives them the ability to let you in without really challenging you to find what’s under the hidden veil.

A brave face, a shy smile, a fake laugh. Its all because there’s more than meets the eye, Keep digging!!!

In our Love, mind, soul, body, & spirit, we all have a part of us hidden from the world.

If you truly want to understand who someone is, its the veil you need to uncover not the parts inside, that’s the easy bit to show.

Look how much I got just scraping the skin bit by bit, a whole cup full and that was only from half! Imagine how much we could uncover if we really stopped and took the time to help people unleash their hidden power and not be afraid to show the world who they really are in fear of getting hurt or being judged.

Hope you enjoyed the read.

Much love 💙

Lee inspired. Xx


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